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“Change, before you have to…” Jack Welch

“We live in a society that loathes uncertainty – particularly the unintended consequences that sometimes result from a catastrophic event or in the case of PPACA, landmark legislation”, this according to Mike Turpin in today’s edition of The Health Care Blog.

And accordingly this is the thing which prevents an active recovery, and also why the huge infusion of stimulus funds, is not being distributed by the holders of the capital.

Common sense overrides the edicts of big government. If I had just been through an economic disaster, or my neighbor became unemployed or my business was tottering, would I spend a largesse handed to me or bank it against another rainy day?

My family voted this week to purchase health insurance for all of us. So I went to my checkbook to pay the premium, only to find my balance was in the red.  Forget paying the premium !  So, wishes and mandates are overruled by economic realities, and the facts of life.

Sound familiar, of course it does. How about PACA ? Did congress realize the crushing and growing national debt when they passed this law? Of course they did, and that is what makes their behavior reprehensible.

The law itself place a plan on the table which can be implemented gradually, and I don’t believe the planners expected the roll out to be as scheduled. It can lie dormant for many years, a decade or more.

Responsible health policy makers need to act now to truncate the law and require balanced budgets, payoff of the national debt and assure a worthwhile quality of life for Americans.

The discussions of forestalling ‘retirement to age 70’ will have a secondary effect of many Americans winding up on disability, no matter what statistics say about longevity and senior health.

While some 60-70 year  old people function at a high level, the average American does not put in the hours they did at age 45, nor do they have the capacity   to work full time.

Statistics and philosophy just go so far in planning the future.

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