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Google + Replaces Google Health


How convenient

Google + is the new girl on the block. Just like a new face in school, everyone wants to get to know him/her. After a few days you will either love or hate the new one.

I spent the greater part of the weekend learning about this 'stranger'. It was about like waiting for a chance to meet the mysterious new stranger as I waited and pleaded with those who already had access to the “G+”. Twitter came in great handy as I asked everyone for an introduction to the seductress. It seems she had already been in many bedrooms, living rooms, and even perhaps in the backseat of a few vehicles.

Everyone seemed quite willing to share the temptress, she has several personalities, friend, family, professional, acquaintances and more.

She was flexible enough to allow you one or all categories. Warm, friendly and outgoing she is a social butterfly and loves to fact that is one of her best attributes, being able to see her, talk to her and even write all at the same time.

It was easy to get to know her she is designed to warm you up, as you feel your way into her inner recesses and explore her strengths and weaknesses. She is new, so her network of friends is still a bit thin, however this lady will be the queen of the prom very quickly.

G+ is easy to get to know....she is an easy read, no instruction book needed here...just a tap here or a swipe there and G+ responds. There is nothing mousy about G+. I could not break her and I tried, no bugs, no error messages, and she did not turn cold nor freeze up during my advances.

My other loves, Facebook and Twitter will have to wait to see me more often. My new playmate will fascinate me for some time to come. I think friends like me will want to hangout with G+ and perhaps some API developer will integrate Twitter, G+ and Facebook. Maybe Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Rupert Murdoch will buy all three.

The only thing she is missing is a mobile app. Has anyone taken her for a ride on a tablet?

I may have to give up working and call in sick to be with G+. I did have the social whereabouts to leave a message on Twitter and Facebook that I would be out of town for awhile, not to worry, I will probably be back after sampling the G+. Mark your heart out !

I am willing to share, so send me an email or a tweet @glevin1 if you want an invite. Oh by the way, she now has over ten million suitors.

In the next Health Train Express I will be discussing the potential impacts on medicine and healthcare.

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