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A Marxist Turned Libertarian on The Health Train


In preparing for today’s journey on the Health Train my travels took me to a video by Thomas Sowell. Dr. Sowell was born a poor African-American black man (as opposed to a poor white African American (which is a real possibility, although statistically unlikely),  whose innate intelligence, drive, and smart choices enabled his gifts. He chose to follow the ideas and the man who mentored him rather than the institutions that brought them together.

Thomas Sowell indicates that his mentor was Milton Friedman, a name well known to those interested in economic theory.  Here is the video….it should spark some controversy and lead you to learn more about Mr. Sowell and more important, the simplicity and detail about how Government Medicine works and why it does not work well.

Dr. Sowell’s opinions are at times controversial. (Wikipedia)

Dr Sowell has been a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute of Stanford University (1980-present)

Sowell has been criticized for various remarks such as a comparison he

made between President Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler in an editorial for Investor's Business Daily[26] after the creation of a relief fund for the BP oil spill. This has been criticized by liberal groups such as Media Matters[27] and the Democratic National Committee.[28] However, Republicans such as Sarah Palin[28] and Representative Louie Gohmert[29] have endorsed Sowell's comparison. Sowell was also criticized for an editorial in which he stated that the Democratic Party played the Race card, instigating ethnic divisions and separatism, and argued that a similar situation occurred between the Tutsis and the Hutus in Rwanda.[30][31]

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