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Gary M. Levin M.D.

Many of the barriers to teaching our patients, care-givers and health professionals have dissolved thanks to the digital age, the internet, mobile applications, and an open door between information technology and medicine at all levels, from practitioners to personal health records, to hospitals, government, data integrators, analytics, biomedical applications, and basic research.  New applications developed to bridge the void between previously unintelligible scientific information (scientists, clinicians) and user friendly software for patients and professionals alike.

Much like the Ronald Reagan era our health system  is tearing  down the walls between ‘east and west’. (providers/caregivers—patients)

Health 2.0 Innovators have developed applications that mine data previously buried in huge data files at HHS, Medicare, CDC, and converted them into legible interactive graphic presentations sorted by regions, diseases, public health statistics, and more.

For Instance: These are some apps which extract data from tables of information into a legible user friendly interface. (click on the link)

In 2010, The National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing, and Media presented multiple video sessions addressing Health Communications

This year on August 9-11, 2011 the conference will again be held in Atlanta Georgia

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