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The Health Train Express enjoyed an enormous response to our series on social media for medicine.

Many asked questions, so I am including some more advanced feature sets from which to obtain material, organize your SM entries, to analyze your network as well as to organize it.

Forrester has released a new report, Accelerating Your Social Maturity: How To Move From Social Experimentation To Business Transformation, which you can also find as a new chapter in the newly updated paperback version of the Groundswell book.

While this  report is written with the larger enterprise in mind, much of it applies to your neophyte media presence. It serves as a framework for your social media programs.

Five Stages of Social Media Maturity offers new as well as  mature social media users of all  sizes new ideas.

Social media is a dynamic environment, and that is one of the reasons for engagement. It seems to always announce new ideas, and trends.

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