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The Doctor's Story: How Obamacare is hurting the patient-physician relationship

Your life is at risk !

A frightening perspective, no physicians at the table, but it is what it is.

If you don’t want to watch the whole video or don’t have time (and what MD has time?) You may read their testimonies below:

1.Jane Orient MD        2, Richard Amerling MD

Jane Orient MD is a former VA Physician, now in private practice. She compares VA medicine with it’s bureaucracy and comparing the efficiency private practice.

Richard Amerling MD is a practicing hospital physician. His commentaries are personal opinion and do not represent the hospital.

Your New Health Care System

A system designed to fail. When will common sense guide our leaders?

In the video above, Dr (Congressman) Burgess elaborates on possible outcomes and questions about ACOs.

Capital requirements rule out Physicians running an ACO. However doctors ultimately responsible to patient.  Rules are not favorable to that outcome.

Will the Physician be accountable to the patient or the ACO?

Injunctive Relief should not be necessary since officers of the federal government should respond to court orders (may be doubtful).

Ultimately 2012 election will become a referendum for APPA, if President Obama loses most likely outcome is legislation to either repeal APPA or significant revision.

Congressman Michael Burgess M.D. (R,Texas) wrote the book, “Doctor in The House” 

Dr. Jane Orient stated that the ultimate pay for performance and/or quality is the patient.

The presenters are highly articulate, and accurate. I recommend this presentation to everyone.

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