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I just had to take a break from the endless list of challenges in health care and reform, to let you know about a friend of mine.

I think you will enjoy linking up with some of these interesting events, and also to her blog and website. 


Regina Holliday caught my eye about a year ago when she appeared at a medical meeting.  She was standing in an obscured dark corner in the back of the meeting hall, painting away.

I found her tweet address @reginaholliday  and began tweeting with her.  Like me, I think you will find her commentary about health care and some of the inexcusable gaffs that some physicians make during patient encounters. The commentary is always accompanied by a “Holliday Painting”, poignant and a visual sensation to the observer. 

Regina, forgive me for bragging about you… deserve it for your patient advocacy and talent.

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