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About five years ago there were few physicians and/or health industry gurus who even knew what a blog was. Pedal forward a few years to today in mid-2011 and the scene has changed enormously.  Although I have been a blogger since mid 2004, using blogging to bring a newsletter to our community of IT aficionados information about our health information exchange, I am a ‘newbie’ compared to elementary, middle school and high school bloggers, FBers, and tweeps.  My own children and grandchildren have blocked me from their personal sites.  FBing, tweeting, and blogging are categorized now into personal, business, and professional. Blogging or FBing, tweeting in the wrong space is considered taboo, and marks you as ‘inappropriate’ much like being a nerd in high school or an “uncouth visitor at the local fraternity or sorority house. 

There are bloggers and then there are bloggers who use SM for purposes such as marketers, artists, musicians, politicos, writers, celebs, and even terrorists. Blogging and social media can be and is used for the writer’s own purposes.  I have seen some bloggers burn out, otherwise very capable and excellent communicators announce they are done with blogging.(like some physicians burnout on medical practice)  SM is an addiction, some who no longer have time will often recruit others to write their blog for them, or have invitees publish for them at regular intervals.

Health Train Express has long had a blogroll of the blogs that I read, however there are many other sites that are outstanding, and other venues worth following on twitter and/or Facebook. And while Twitter and Facebook are the best known SM sites, there are many others.

Blogging nor Social media is not for the lazy or faint of heart. There are readers out there that have RSS feeds and other links watching for the posts that are their favorites.  There are now awards, not unlike the Academy Awards, or perhaps a better term “The Pulitzer Prize” for blogging excellence.

                               Kristi Hines on Famous Bloggers

End Part I   Part II to follow.

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