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Cloud Computing: A Reply from Practice Fusion

Some of you may have read my comments about the  “death of cloud computing”.  My comments may be premature according to Ryan Howard, CEO and founder of Practice Fusion:

Ryan Howard Practice Fusion

Mr. Howard sends me this quote;

“On April 21-22, there was a major Amazon EC2 outage that brought down many business and websites. Some of the data was unrecoverable and transactions were lost. The outage event, however, actually might have some unexpected beneficial effects, by raising the awareness and understanding of cloud computing – and the differences implicit in their implementation. 

In this particular case, the major distinction between two types of cloud computing is infrastructure management/control: a) cloud applications dependent upon and written on top of a utility-style service, like Amazon, where the application is susceptible to outages by its host and b) much more dependable and robust cloud applications hosted in a truly private, scalable, protected infrastructure, like Practice Fusion’s, that allow more efficient management of computing traffic and a guaranteed level of uptime for users of time-critical enterprise applications.

Ryan Howard, Founder and CEO

Practice Fusion EMR

Ryan, Thanks for the response.  Let’s hope you are correct. 


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