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Socializing on The Health Train Express

Gary M Levin M.D.

Health Train Express is now being followed and featured on Social Media Today.

While not  particularly a health care related topic, the fact that Health Train Express was aggregated by a highly visible social media site bodes well for the rapidly increasing interest in Social Media in the Health Care space. Social Media Today is an independent online community for professionals in PR,  or any other discipline where a thorough understanding of social media is mission critical. Every day, we provide insight and host lively debate about the tools, platforms, companies and personalities that are revolutionizing the way we consume information. This  mission also applies to health care. As medicine progresses through the use of EMR and the  implementation of Health Information Exchanges, health professionals will also adapt social media in their patient relationships, hospital to practitioner communications, and B2B .

These two presentations give example and vision as to what Social Media can be.
Social Media Today and MVP at Womma 09
Medicine is unique in that important privacy and confidentiality issues must be addressed as well, and there will be certain limits for healthcare professionals.  
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