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Alright, you caved in and decided to give SM a try. You decreased your schedule by one hour a day to work on it.  What’s the difference? You are already operating at 25% less efficiency since your EMR went live three months ago. You have been tweeting, face booking, and are now following about 1000 tweeters. You look at the number of your followers…..what? 45? Must be some kind of mistake.

Any physician into social media, (or anyone for that matter) needs to get feedback along the way, and there are several routes to accomplishing this without investing huge amounts of time.


Social Media Examiner is a great place to start your investigations. SME is a good introduction to the subject of analyzing the responses to your social media efforts. It also sets out a plan and specific applications to utilize in your quest for the million followers.

I’m not going to waste your time and mine expounding on it here. Just click on the links and you can read it for yourself.  This is not rocket science, and it is not medical more spoon feeding from Health Train Express. Explore new Universes, go where no HMO has gone before, follow William Shatner to Priceline.

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