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Social Media and Medicine II


In my continuing series on medicine and social media, Healthcare IT News has weighed in with a survey and a colorful pie chart.

What spectacular timing…..must be a resonance in the dark matter of the universe. 

Vladimir’s Blog lists the Top Social Media Sites (about a year old)

vladimir prelovac"I would love to change the world, I just don't have the source code yet."

The poll was conducted by Health IT News of it’s readers. The results:

Nearly half of the respondents think doctors should use social media as a way to foster a healthcare community.

Out of those who think that doctors should embrace social media, only 16% believe that doctors should use such platforms to connect with their patients.

Only 13% of participants think that doctors should not be using social media at all.

Many people may prefer traditional modes of communication when conferring with their doctors about medical issues. But social media is a viable method of allowing hospitals and health organizations to engage not only with patients but also with a wider community.

Making social media simple for docs

Social media sites help patients make healthcare decisions

During the next several weeks Health Train  will devote several columns for docs who want to learn more and participate in social media. Tags:

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