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EMR update from MGMA

The Medical Group Management Association just released it’s annual survey about electronic medical records. This 2011 report is based upon 2010 data.

The data represent the aggregate experience of more than 120,000 physicians in medical practice., MGMA conducted a study funded by PNC Bank, to explore the barriers and benefits of EHR adoption from 4,588 healthcare organizations.

The Study reveals:

  • Expected productivity loss during transition is the main barrier to EHR implementation, according to study participants who still use paper records.
  • Study participants are pleased with their EHRs overall, despite some not seeing an increase in productivity - Nearly 72 percent of EHR owners said they were satisfied with their overall system, but only 26.5 percent reported increased productivity since implementation.
  • Time allocation is key to a successful EHR implementation - 53.2 percent of respondents felt that they either ‘mildly’ or ‘severely’ under-allocated the training time needed during the implementation of their EHR system.


Many consultants feel some justification from this study which confirms what is the most significant barrier to adopting an EMR.  The end-game is that many more resources, both in time, specialized personell must be allocated to the training process, and that many questions do not arise until the user is in a particular setting or event that has not be addressed. Users will then adopt a ‘workaround’ for that moment to continue their activity without interruption to call a ‘help line’, or disturb a colleague who may be more knowledgable.

A more complete report is available here:

MGMA detailed  specific recommendations and alternative methods for training physicians to use EMR.

Younger physicians now recently trained wil have some experience with EMR, however it may not translate directly to another practice. In fact users who are familiar and trained in one system often have more difficulty learning a second or even third system. Many physicians attend patients at more than one facility.

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