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Dr A is no longer Anonymous Mike

The doctor who was known as Dr A went public several months ago. The tension was palpable when he announced that he was admitting to who he was….Dr. Mike Sevilla, from the heartland of our great country. He and Governor John Kasich (of FoxNews fame) both hale from Ohio, where all good things Americana bloom even in the dead of winter’s snow and ice storms.  Dr. A, excuse me, Dr Sevilla, is a hearty soul, working all week, on call many nights  and then off to weekend meetings with the Ohio OSMA, summer Podcast Camp, (at least that is what he will admit to.)  He is often seen in his car (can’t quite figure out what kind it is) doing a video pod cast). Mike I hope you don’t text and drive…Here’s a sample of Dr.Mike at Ohio Student Medical Association (OSMA).

Mike is an avid first adopter !!

Dr Mike Sevilla

Hat’s off to you Dr. Mike Sevilla, a real family doctor !

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