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Dr Berwick’s Numbers are Almost In

image   And he and President Obama are not going to like it. Unlike his calculations for decreased costs with better outcomes the number of senate Republicans and Democrats has increased to not hold a confirmation hearing. Apparently  congress does not wish to embarrass President Obama, nor does President Obama wish to face down nor delay a new Head of CMS, and there are suitable alternatives. Berwick was appointed as an interim and temporary head of CMS in the rush  to reform. (haste does make waste) It also points out the crucial lack of time given to Congress,, and their outright negligence in analyzing the bill set forth by Obama and the Democratic controlled congress.

In a report from Katherine Hobson of the Wall Street Journal, She describes,

“The road ahead looks so difficult that some Democrats are joining Republicans in calling for a new nominee, The New York Times reports. It’s a matter of math; 42 Republicans have already urged President Obama to pick someone else, and by voting accordingly, they could block confirmation, the paper says. A White House spokesman tells the NYT the nomination won’t be withdrawn and praised Berwick’s performance thus far.”

It seems there will be another protracted confrontation between congress with President Obama. Obama appears to be a one man show dedicated to his getting his way with some questionable tactics e

It is clear that Obama chose Berwick because  of their intertwined motivation to re-distribute the wealth and the health of the nation.

The Times reports Berwick’s principal deputy, Marilyn Tavenner, would be more acceptable to Republicans and is a potential replacement.

Readers who wish to learn more about Don Berwick M.D may go link to several past Health Train Express Articles:

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I agree with some of the utopian ideals that Dr Berwick espouses, however it is obvious that neither side has drilled down on the impact of true costs to patients, employers, or care providers The bureaucracy will be stultify everyone ...

Dr Price Tears into Don Berwick (CMS)..Feb 10, 2011…A live web video from the hearing on Health Reform Repeal Legislation. Web Video Live. image. Rep. Tim Price MD. You listen, you decide, but a must view for everyone.

Health Train Express: Foreign Perspective on US Health Economics  Feb 25, 2011……Today we are faced with demagogues in health care, the Sebelius', the Berwick's, the health care foundations, and all those wannabees who are sabotaging health care with politically correct statements. They come, they go at the end of ...

Observations   Hard to believe whoever was in charge of this let it slip through. Well intentioned but poorly implemented. The Health Care Blog also has a post today by Micihael Millenson. Thanks to him. I will write Czar Berwick about this one. ..

Which Planet am I on? ….Jan 21, 2011  .. running in the opposite direction from the US Health Reform. I wonder what Dr Berwick is thinking now? Tags: NHS,Andrew Lansley,UK Health system,Primary care trusts,acountable care.

Are Doctors lurking, or lurching?….Dec 30, 2010….Donald Berwick, explains, "Traditional medical ethics, based on the doctor-patient dyad must be reformulated...The primary function of regulation in health care, especially as it affects the quality of medical care, is to constrain ...

The IHI Open School…Dec 25, 2010…Mention the name 'Don Berwick' and some physicians have a gut-wrenching feeling about him. He is the focal point and lightening rod as head of CMS due to his statements about the American Health System. ...

A Good Guy or a Bad Guy?….Don Berwick is a controversial candidate for being the head of the Medicare (CMS) system. The name change several years ago from Medicare to CMS (Center for Medicare,Medicaid Services) was a subtle. beginning for the projected changes ….

Re-distribute the Wealth…Jul 09, 2010….Essentially Don Berwick has become the 'lap-dog' for the socialist agenda of Barak Obama. Dr. Berwick has been a respected member and head of many organizations that are held in high esteem by the government for advice.

Health Reform in the NHS vs.The US…Aug 24, 2010…The UKs NHS system is running away from itself as fast as Obama and Berwick are running toward an obsolete model. From the BBC News Online today,. image. Hospitals are to be set free from central control

Liberating the NHS UK

Dec 05, 2010

Dec 05, 2010

Unfortunately Don Berwick, the present head of CMS totally ignores this feature of the NHS. The NHS system has not been self correcting due to it's massive bureaucracy and inertial guidance system. This is typical of government. ...

What tha !?…Jul 27, 2010…Seems like Don Berwick was preaching to the wrong choir several months ago when he addressed an audience in the UK. Today, The New York Times announced,. LONDON — Perhaps the only consistent thing about Britain's socialized health care ...

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