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The Medical Blogosphere will be hosting Health Train Express tomorrow, Monday January 9th 2011 . You can look for it at

Kudos  to Dr. Pho !  All good  things start and end in New Hampshire.

Kevin Pho. MD has been at this about the same amount of time that I have been at my blog space.  Judging from the number of ‘hits’ his site has daily compared to mine reveals how ignorant I have been in regarding to the new age of information exchange.

I seem to know what to do,  but just have not invested time, money or staff into doing it.  He has been published in many big-time media spaces, such as CNN, USA Today,

Kevin’s appearances include the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, New England Cable News, and WNYC-New York Public Radio’s The Takeaway, and he has spoken at the New England Journal of Medicine, Blog World and New Media Expo, and at academic Grand Rounds nationwide.

As social media’s leading physician voice, was voted 2008′s Best Medical a “must-read health blog,” and CNN.commanded @KevinMD one of its five recommended Twitter health feeds.

The Wall Street Journal had this to  say about KevinMD, ““punchy, prolific blog that chronicles America’s often dysfunctional health care system through the prism of a primary care provider,” while others have noted that “a lively comment stream on one of Kevin’s posts provides more insight on the day-to-day realities of health care than any piece of journalism can ever hope to impart.” hailed as a “must-read blog,” and named @KevinMD as one of its five recommended health care Twitter feeds.

Kevin Pho on the Medical Blogosphere


With over 40,000 RSS subscribers and 33,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter, is among the web’s most influential and prominent health care platforms.

Dr Pho, when do you have time to make an appointment for me?

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