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Stem Cell and Grievous Brain Trauma.


First let’s go over to KevinMD where my post about Public Health, and MPH’s has been re-posted by Kevin Pho MD.  I had actually forgotten about this post and did not know which one Kevin had chosen.  As a PCP my  post must have tweaked his Kool-Aid dispenser.



Personally I prefer Gatorade or G2, the drink for 21st Century Health Care.


My post today is about Stem Cell Research and it’s potential for Translational application to severe head injuries such as the one sustained by Gabrielle Gifford, Congresswoman from Arizona.

My thoughts are an imaginary scenario of injecting central neuro-stem cells into the wound tract of the bullet’s pathway. There it would  become part of the healing process, integrating, transforming and establishing new connections to replace those destroyed by the injury.  If only life and medicine were ever that simple.

The only positive aspect of this horror would be to stimulate a young (or old) clinical and basic science team to embark on the animal, pharma, and microbiology study toward succeeding in that goal.


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