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The Medicare web site, offers a “Physician Compare” section.  The stated goal is to be ‘patient centric’ to meet consumer needs.  This section supposedly  offers a means to search for physicians to compare their demographics and expertise as well as certifications.



I researched the site extensively for multiple providers who I know personally. 

The amount of information was minimalistic, demographics, specialty and degrees, ( no mention of subspecialty) medical group name (if any) with no mention of hospital affiliations. There was no mention of re-certification status, when licensed. The main features most notably displayed was if the provider accepted assignment. (apparently an indicator of ‘quality”)

It is highly inaccurate. I did a search for a physician within 15 miles of my location and came up with one that had over 100 locations listed (not in a group).

I would label this web site as dangerous !!!

Hard to believe whoever was in charge of this let it slip through. Well intentioned  but poorly implemented.

The Health Care Blog also has a post today by Micihael Millenson. Thanks to him.  I will write Czar Berwick about this one.  Suggest all of us do the same. Tags: ,,

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