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I spent the past several days reviewing the content of my blog over the past six years.  It amazed me that I don’t remember writing a lot of what I read.  It seemed unfamiliar and I wondered who wrote that stuff. Perhaps some other writers experience this phenomenon whereby one does not want to own what one wrote some time ago. My blogs have changed considerably and I estimate most of it is not really original, much is cut and pasted, some is repeated with attribution.

The most I have to offer to my readers is my time. I am not seeing patients anymore and have a volume of time to read many things, sit back ponder, pontificate.  Those who can do, and those who can’t either teach or write. Both of those avocations take inordinately large amounts of time, to do well. And so does keeping a medical record, hand written or via an EMR.

For those of you in practice your time is very limited and one of the things you don’t have time to do much of is read and/or surf news articles about anything.

In the next week or so my blog design will change as well as it’s content.  Stay on this ‘channel’

Also follow me @anophthalmus for interesting news, some medical, some political, some humorous, some sad. (all in a day).

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