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Health Train Express and the Sleeper Car


When I began this blog six years ago I had no idea how useful the title would be for my forum.  If you look at my several hundred posts I have been able to use train analogies for many of my issues with medicine and health care.

The title today says it all for today’s blog posting.

One of the largest, and ignored medical problems (sleep apnea) creates an enormous fall out of heart disease, hypertension, sleep disorder, depression, and not the least, marital dysfunction.


At home monitoring technology offers much  to physicians and patients alike.  I am not referring to  EMR,HIT, Health Information Exchange or other in office  technology assist devices.

Home monitoring devices are now entrenched firmly in the DME space, and many  are covered by Medicare and private insurers.

How about having a FEDEX box delivered to your home with a self contained Sleep laboratory, and all the computer monitoring modules and attachments,  along with a video instruction course found on the internet or in the package? It is shipped pre paid with the material enclosed, and a return label (pre paid).

The instructions included detail the step by step process from beginning to end.  The module records all the parameters from the night’s sleep or non-sleep, as the case may be.

The test is the same given at a certified sleep laboratory. Who sleeps normally in a strange bed or environment?

Have I mentioned the sleep test is at no charge ! 

Sleep apnea represents a “sleeper” public health problem.  It is probably just as significant as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and elevated blood lipids .  As physicians should all ask.  “Why it has never stimulated public prevention and/or diagnosis?”

It is recognized by most PCPs but the referral process for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment is circuitous and often not easily available for now avoidable reasons.

If you want or need to know more about  it don’t hesitate to ask me for further details. (no obligation whatsoever)

I can be reached at Include your email address or how you would like to be contacted.



Your travel companion,

---The Conductor, Locomotive Engineer, and Caboose Manager of the Health Train Express.. (all aboard please, next stop Dreamland.)


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