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For some of you the name of Jack Lalanne brings forth images of a ‘jumping jack’ on your TV screen, or memories of “Bally” gyms, the chain that Jack started.Bally Total Fitness ™

He was among the first to popularize weightlifting and his physical fitness techniques – including the fingertip press-up – formed the centerpiece of The Jack LaLanne Show, which ran on American television from the 1950s to the 1980s. Long before the age of celebrity exercise videos, LaLanne was telling people how to get fit.

Jack left us yesterday at the age of 96 years.  The original 20th century beacon of fitness and preventive living he was a disciplined man, At the time a  version of Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Just a moment of science from us all to thank and remember him for starting it all. We will miss the juices as well.


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