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Algo Men to the Rescue


When all else fails, do a study. President Obama reigns supreme in this area. 

Algorithms sound impressive, not like Algo Gores. This is what higher math is for…to prove the discontinuities of existence, the universe or whatever you are plagued with in modern times. Algos are supposed to make decision making easier with a formula or diagrams directing a ‘machine’ (computer) to make stem choices. (Best stem I have had was on an apple (not the computer)

  1. President Obama will soon be appointing a new Czar. The algorithm Czar who will be the final arbiter of algoland.  The AlgoCzar will reign over health care, politics, economics, defense, security, foreign policy and the Rest rooms.
  2. You can read the entire article at the New York Times but in essence the President ran out of folks who could help him out with the technological war far that is occurring and thus has reached out and grabbed William M. Daley whoimageworks in the financial industry. They work worth with algorithms day in and out and while Mr. Daley may not be a hands on person, believe me he knows his “Algo Men” as all the banks have quite a few of them.

Before I get any further I need to give attribution to Medical Quack whose recent posts have been in reference to Algo-Medicine and our great hope for the good side of “The Force”. Barbara, or as I like to call her “Ducky”, not to be confused with Ducky from NCIS’ whose forensic abilities defy most pathologists. (why don’t more pathologists blog?) (where was I now?)

Oh yes,  Medical Quack always has an aggregation of topics that fuel my limbic system.   This is not Ducky’s fault…’s a bit like shooting the messenger.  Ducky, you bring a lot of bad Karma to the table. I like you very much. It keeps me grounded and diminishes my euphoria. Thank you very much. 

Now what was the point of this post ??

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