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Now its new, but its really old

Yes, it is really old.

Nowadays its called "wellness" care and a whole new industry is growing up around it, along with third party insurance reimbursement.

What jogged my memory was a local TV program on the NBC affiliate called "Taking it to Heart".

Gee, do you recall years ago when Herbert Benson wrote about other approaches to heart health.  Benson is considered to be the grandfather of Mind-Body Medicine.

Think back to the 60s when Benson was doing this work at Harvard, or more correctly to ancient health care thousands of years old, then fast forward to today.

We don't have anything that is new, we just have met up with the ghost of things past in terms of a new taxonomy.

The good thing is that some in mainstream medicine are catching on.  A downside to this is that skilled people in this art are passed over for some one who just took a course or might have a license, perhaps even only writing a book or self-claiming to be a health expert with only a background in software.

All of this is right up my alley as an experienced and well educated health and natural health advocate and expert.

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