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More Mistakes, Can Mainstream Health Continue at this Pace?

Errors in mainstream health have been at issue for a very long time, it is though that they keep getting worse.

One cause of the ignorance factor here, dealing with prescribed medication, is that doctors and NPs, as well as pharmacists, are not providing the required information to patients about drug risk-benefit-side effects, etc as is required.

We have properly prescribed medication as the 3rd or 4th leading cause of death in the US at this time, both in an out of hospital care.  Yet at the same time we are in a stranglehold with Big PhRMA and Big Insurance over who pays what and what price will be paid, on top of just what drugs in what form are approved for "standard of care" guidelines (A better reason to go natural). 

I liken this story to the issue I commented on regarding the commonality of post-op clots and death.
Most Hospital Patients Don't Know What Meds They're Taking

"I don't think that's surprising at all. I think that that's the natural consequence of the way in which hospital culture is designed. Patients are given their medicines and they take their medicines," said study author Dr. Ethan Cumbler, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Colorado Denver and director of the University of Colorado Hospital Acute Care for the Elderly Service."

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In my work as a health advocate for many years this is the most common issue I work with for my clients.
It is also one reason why I developed "Health Forensics".
The Seattle PI, one host of my "Natural Notes" blog also hosts this one that might give you more insight: Dead by Mistake

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