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Ethics and SEO Schemes: An editorial comment

It never ceases to amaze me just how gullible people are, especially when it comes to having the wool pulled over their heads.  Its one such operation that gets its way by copying the work of others, back-linking its array of 500+ websites to each other to make you believe they are on top of the heap when it comes to health information.

What's even worse is there is NO transparency.

I guess you have to be the judge as to whether or not this is what you wish to support.

As for me I certainly support free speech but I cannot condone any one who has, for now over five years, copied a lot of my work and failed to credit it properly.  And as I have heard from many, many others, I am not alone.

In addition this operation guru has attacked me in an effort to proffer from my work, yet made no effort to contact me.  He chooses only those where he sees he can gain from getting to their works as well.

Just some guy from Missouri, Montana, Arizona, Taiwan, or elsewhere ? Might it be Villacamba Mike?  Perhaps is it Memorex, or just a copy production center pushing out high cost low quality publications with no new original material?

Cut and Paste can do wonders....

A comment received in regard to this opinion -
"Plagiarism is the dominant game now. Theft is considered perfectly 'moral' and the stealing of other peoples' honest research is the norm. People like Gayle, who have spent a lifetime of back-breaking work serving human kind, must be disgusted beyond measure to see hucksters and internet health 'celebs' posting her material as their own. 'Attribution' is a four-letter word for them. The internet is loaded with frauds and the average reader is essentially helpless in their hands. Here is a good piece to consider which relates to this terms of fear-mongering and messianic egomaniacs."

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