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Diabetes and Pollution

A recent study published in Diabetes Care found a strong relationship between Type II diabetes and six pollutants:

• a PCB: hexachlorobiphenyl

• 2 dioxins: heptadioxin and OCDdioxin

• 2 pesticides: oxychlordane and trans-nonachlor, and

• a pesticide metabolite: DDE, a metabolite of DDT*

The contaminants were detectable in more than 80 percent of the study participants. The study found that participants who were in the highest-exposure category were almost 38 times more likely to have diabetes than those in the lowest-exposure category.

An obvious way to reduce the amount of pollutants ingested (some estimates have the average American taking in nearly a gallon of the chemicals each year) is to eat organically grown foods* instead of those grown conventionally with pesticides and herbicides.

*DDT is to be noted because sucralose (Splenda) is a chlorinated hydrocarbon, with some similarities to DDT in chemical structure.

* To reduce contaminants in conventional foods, order “FOOD SAFETY: CLEANSING OPTIONS”.
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