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A different approach to weight loss

This is the first of three reports that we are releasing on our 90 Day Weight Loss Project here at The Oake Centre for natural health education.

Please feel free to contact us for more information and with any questions you may have.

Many people know that stress in a factor in weight gain. Stress of course can be from many sources including lifestyle, work, lack of exercise, sedentary work and lifestyle situations, food allergy, chronic illness, environmental toxins and many more concerns that might not always be identifiable.

With the approach we are investigating in this project, cause isn't the focus. While cause can be important the use of this different approach, we believe, makes it possible to focus on results, regardless of cause.

What is the Neuroliminal process -

Some years ago I joined a professional discussion group that was established by the Safe Harbor Project through its website.

Through this group I met one of the pioneers of orthomolecular medicine. Orthomolecular medicine is an approach that began as a non-drug treatment approach in mental health and psychiatry. During this time several other applications for health conditions such as cardiovascular disease were validated.

I recall reading many articles about orthomolecular approaches in the late 1960s when I was working in a psychiatric facility. It made much more sense to me but it wasn't very popular. Now the interest in other than drugs for health is catching on.

Would you be surprised to learn that most mental problems are caused by the stress of unsuspected allergens? It's true! Both EEG BF (Biofeedback) and NT (Neuroliminal Training) may help resolve this stress. This reaction is also called “inflammation” and now it is being noticed as very important in health.

Wanting to see for myself, but really to determine how this process could be of benefit to my clients and those who read my articles, subscribe to my newsletter, attend my educational programs and others I contacted the inventor and that's how this project began.

I've just completed the first month of the 90 day trial. I have to say that the reactions have been interesting. One thing I noticed early on was that I experienced a real craving for fat. This lasted about two days and since then I have noticed no real cravings for any particular food.

I also noticed that I did not need to eat as much, so smaller portions were as filling and satisfying as larger ones. This is important to me because I grew up in a family that has a heritage in the Deep South and loved to serve enough food for Cox's army. And they expected that you'd eat it.

However, over the last few years I learned through a simple home testing process I offer in my work that I had a very wide range of food allergies. I also was dealing with tremendous stress on a daily basis. No matter what approach I tried little seemed to change. Once things calmed down to a manageable and quiet roar, I sought out this program.

So far I haven't seen too much in the way of lost pounds, although I did get past a major obstacle and broke a weight barrier that even with a great fitness program did not seem to budge.

I seem to be less reactive now to foods when I test those on my allergy list. Usually if a food bothers me I itch behind my right ear or experience ringing sounds in my ears (tinnitus). Now I experience far fewer of these reactions.

Whether this is a positive outcome of the program or not, I notice better motivation for holding to the plan I set up in my fitness program.

Now as I am just starting in to phase 2, look for our next report in mid December.

The Neuroliminal process is easy to use. You'll need to have a CD player that has the repeat function. Just set this up so it plays while you sleep, and listen to the subliminal messaging. And no, it doesn't interfere with sleeping. In fact, I think my sleep has gotten better.

In this process, as with biofeedback, blood flow to the brain improves, especially as allergic reactions are removed, the Theta brain wave (T operates between 4 and 8 cycles per second. Theta is associated with intuition, and allows us to access our subconscious. It is activated during dream sleep and deep meditation states. Theta is also associated with healing and creative thinking.) is lowered and SMR (Sensorimotor Response or Low Beta Brainwave - B has the highest frequency, and the SMR brain wave is usually thought of between 12-15 Hz, with most people between 13-13.5. This is associated with our normal, everyday waking state. Beta helps in logical thinking, analysis, and active attention. Stress can throw the frequency to the higher ranges of beta.) is raised.

Safety is important in any approach to health and wellness. With NT, Dr. Bate found that the force that seems to inhibit and even frighten persons using Neuroliminal Training is the “Hawthorne Effect”. This effect is well known in science and education, teaching and training, and seems to be an unconscious effort to “protect” the mind from “unknown” dangers.

It's been discovered that sound can be used to elicit responses in the brain; the brain becomes "entrained", which means it starts to resonate at the same frequency as the sound. When this happens, it can change the brain wave patterns in your brain. Studies have shown that with continued use, sound therapy techniques can eventually “rewire” the brain to a more balanced state, with long lasting results. These results also have been reported to raise IQ in other studies.

Dr Bate tells me that using “ NT doesn't really raise IQ, but lowering allergy stress seems to clear thinking process.” At least that's what he thinks, and he adds that “ in school, ADD/ADHD kids actually get about a 15 point raise in the few that have been tested before and after” their using the NT process.

The majority of participants in prior studies reported results after the fourth or fifth weeks. In today's hurried world this may benefit overall health because it helps you slow down and become more patient.

The program isn't expensive, order here,
and it comes with a money back guarantee.

DISCLAIMER: NT has a range of applications in addition to weight loss and allergy relief. These include PTSD, Depression, ADD and ADHD, Autism, Asperger's, Epilepsy, Insomnia, Schizophrenia and others.
Neither Neuroliminal Training nor EEG BF (aka Neurofeedback, NF) are "magic". There are NO instant "cures". The process may may take a month or more before any noticeable progress or improvement is seen. Both EEG BF and NT work to do the same thing (change brain waves), and both are slow. One night's sleep corresponds roughly to one half hour session of EEG BF. The primary difference is that Neuroliminal Training is inexpensive, much simpler and easier to do, and yet just as effective.
Neither Neuroliminal nor EEG BF (NF) solves 100% of all "brain problems". The "average" success rate for EEG BF (NF) clinics is about 85+%. Subliminal Training may be somewhat higher.
Progress is individual for both Neuroliminal Training or EEG BF (NF), as always, when dealing with human brains (conscious or unconscious). There are no dangerous or long lasting harmful side effects possible from Neuroliminal Brain Wave Training.

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