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Ultrasound in Cancer Detection

UPDATE: October 7
If you're fortunate enough to be living near Toronto, your choice for breast screening for about 10 years could have been Thermography Clinic, Inc., a company started in 1998 as an integrative medical practice specializing in the care and treatment of women's health issues. We introduced Medical Infrared Thermography into the practice and soon learned that women and their health care providers were impressed with this technology and were soon insisting on greater access to this non-invasive imaging technique and the information it provides.

I learned about TCI because of a positive comment received in response to my article,
Not so pretty in PINK.
Advocate for your health and learn more about thermography and ultrasound! If more women asked and demanded these better screening methods we'd have more of it available in the US.

In honor of Dr. Wild, more humane and more effective screening for breast and other cancer should become a priority. Women should no longer be forced to rely only on cancer causing ionizing radiation known as mammography.

Choose ultrasound and thermography...
EDINA, Minn., Oct. 7 (UPI) -- Dr. John Wild, a leading developer of the use of ultrasound in cancer detection, died recently in Minnesota at the age of 95, his daughter said.

Wild applied ultrasound technology that was being used during World War II to detect cracks in tank armor to the create images of internal human tissue.

Wild continued his research after the war when he moved from his native England to the University of Minnesota where he worked in the surgery department, The New York Times said Wednesday.

Further work carried out with electrical engineer William Reid led to the first device capable of distinguishing between normal and cancerous tissue in the breast. The pair later developed the machine into the familiar hand-held scanner.

Ellen Wild told The Times that her father died at a hospice in Edina, Minn., on Sept. 18

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