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Melatonin, Cancer and Your Cell Phone

LONG-TERM mobile phone use could lead to 1,500 new cases of brain tumours a year over the next two decades a study shows.

Dating back to the mid 90s it seems that -
There is strong evidence that pineal melatonin is involved in controlling neoplastic processes. We have reported that physiological, but not pharmacological or sub physiological, concentrations of melatonin enhance intercellular communication in normal C3H/10T/2 fibroblasts. Gap junctional intercellular communication intervenes in the control of cell proliferation and differentiation, and seems to play a crucial role in suppression of tumor promotion. A number of in vivo studies have shown that extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields (MF) can act as cancer promoters or co-promoters. In vitro, 60 Hz MF have been reported to block melatonin-induced inhibition of cell proliferation in human breast cancer cells. The mechanisms responsible for the observed interactions of MF at the cellular level remain unknown. In the present study melatonin was added to confluent fibroblasts at a concentration of 10(-10) M. Twenty-seven hours later, a fluorescent dye was scrape-loaded into groups of cells and the transfer of the dye to adjacent cells through gap junctions was quantified. Under these conditions melatonin induced a significant increase of dye transfer; this increase was not observed when the cultures were exposed to the MF for 30 min before the previously reported results suggesting that the in vivo oncostatic action of melatonin could be exerted, in part, through modulation of the levels of gap junctional intercellular communication. Also, the data indicate that ELF-MF could counteract the melatonin-induced enhancement of junctional transfer.

Recall too that fluoride seems to be a major contributor to calcifying the pineal gland.
Lest we forget about how much the EPA, and the cellular industry, really is withholding from the public!
And in other new reports on health risks and your cell phone
Two Swedish scientists, Professor Lennart Hardell and Professor Kjell Hansson Mild, found that longterm users had double the chance of developing a tumour on the side of the brain they held the handset. And, more frighteningly, just one hour a day on the mobile was enough to increase the risk.

It isn't enough to be aware of the cell phone risk to thyroid problems and breast cancer, now its osteoporosis
Do you wear your cell phone on your belt? Well, here's some news for you-the electromagnetic rays from mobiles lead to decreased bone density in an area of the pelvis that is commonly used for bone grafts.

A study by Dr. Tolga Atay and colleagues of Suleyman Demirel University, Isparta, Turkey, found that with long-term exposure, electromagnetic fields from cell phones could weaken the bone, potentially affecting the outcomes of surgical procedures using bone grafts.
Complete article - Cellular phones 'lead to bone weakening'

Women who are pregnant and rely on cell phone use may want to know that back in 1994 it was determined that an embryo, and of course the developing fetus, could be irretrievably altered by exposure to extremely low EMF.
Chick embryo development can be irreversibly altered by early exposure to weak extremely-low-frequency magnetic fields.

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