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Cell Phone Updates -Know Your Risks

Most times science is slow to catch up with those of use with a bent as a "futurist". It always seems as if I am way ahead of the pack and in this case I've been educating on cell phone and cell tower risk (also wifi, digital, etc.) for a solid decade and longer.

It's nice now, and a complement to common sense and science that we see these reports.
For The Record, from The Troy Record
Reasons for concern

Hang on to your land line phones. Herb Denenberg in an article for The Bulletin says: “The great cell phone cover-up may be coming to an end. A new report may finally wake the public up to the brain cancer risks of cell phones and force necessary preventive measures.

“A new report, endorsed by a prestigious group of international scientists, finds that there’s a risk of brain tumors from cell phone use, that industry studies underestimate this risk, and that children have much greater risk than adults. The report, therefore sends a message to four billion users worldwide and to the $4 billion cell phone industry that they may be facing the same kind of bad news that first burst on the scene for the tobacco industry.”

Mr. Denenberg was elected to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, and co-authored major legislation.

He goes on to point out that the cancer threat has been recognized by some scientists for decades. Cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation — more specifically, radio frequency radiation which can damage the DNA and lead to cancers or other medical problems.

The study focused on cell phones but cordless phones, talkies, ham radio transmitters, and baby monitors also are sources of radiation.

The report entitled “Cell phones and Brain Tumors: 15 reasons for Concert; Science, Spin and the Truth behind enterphone,” can be read at and will be updated. The report lists eight simple steps to substantially reduce your or your children’s exposure to cell phone radiation.

If you are concerned about electromagnetic radiation coming from cell phones or cell towers there is also more information from

Andy Weil has some similar concerns, at last...
Cell Phones and Cancer: How To Stay Safe at:

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