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Another Flu Vaccine Casualty, where was informed consent

It is very disturbing to me as a long-time health care professional as I listen to local friends and read and listen to news report about flu and swine flu vaccines.

So many necessary questions are just not being asked. And required information is being withheld from those who are choosing to get theses jabs.

In a recent case of a severe adverse reaction to just the "seasonal" flu vaccine, the young woman who thought she was doing a good thing found out otherwise. Her comment is however very telling -
"I would've much rather won the lottery and bought that ticket instead of gotten the flu shot if I knew that risk existed," she said.

Desiree Jennings, now dealing with serious neurological injury made this point, "...if I knew that risk existed."

My question is why the person at Safeway who was administering the flu jabs failed to offer required risk/benefit data to Jennings as is required by law under FDA and CDC guidelines.

This basic guideline, a cornerstone of medical care, is known as "Informed Consent".

Flu shot suspected in Redskins cheerleading hopeful's neurological condition

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