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Outside of this BLOG I write a regular column that appears in several print media venues and sometimes seems to end up on the net.

I notice in review of my web site stats that often people are looking for information about liver health and gall bladder health.

While the two are very closely related, they also have different functions and sometimes what is good for one may or may not be good for the other.

This month my article was about milk thistle. To my surprise, as I was perusing articles on the Rense website, I cam across a headline that interested me.

I clicked on the link only to find the article I had just written for the specific print publication at the other end of the link.

Of course I was surprised. I also wonder who it might be in Latah County, Idaho that listens to or reads Rense.

If you aren't familiar with Idaho or Latah County, you might want to ask me off line. I lived there for a while and I have to say that life in a "Red state"is certainly more like being in a third world country. It is isolated, closed-minded, and so strange to any one who has lived elsewhere that I dubbed it "The Idaho Way". Happily there are a few folks who do understand what I mean.

Anyway, politics aside, if you'd like to read the article, Milk Thistle - A Great Friend For Your Liver, please see it here.

If it disappears and you'd like to read it, we'll be adding it to the articles on in the future.

I was also surprised when I received a complement from someone who writes on similar topics for another web site that has had a history of using my work for resources without giving proper credit.

He appreciated the information and told me he learned new information. I was happy he learned something, but as a health care colleague's wife often says, "Gayle forgets more than most people will ever know."

Over fifty years of a love for natural healing might give me a slight edge.

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