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Health Train Reform

I have reviewed the proposals of McCain and Obama.

Frankly I do not think either proposal is going to do much to improve health care, reduce costs, or satisfy anyone for very long.

1.The proposals do not address internal problems with delivering health care wisely , or efficiently

2.Both  proposals use tax policy to create change, and campaign issues revolve around tax credits and/or deductions.

3. Neither proposal addresses the increased utilization from baby boomers

4. Both proposals do not address medicare's approaching insolvency.

5. Each proposal is bound by partisan politics

6. We should not decide upon health care issues during

a heated political debate.

We should step back, and allow the financial crisis to cool down, assess the impact of the financial bailout program.

No one can make an educated guess until we see how our economy shakes out from the financial crisis.  There are many unknown factors operating in our free market system.

We do not know how, when or where the financial bailout will be distributed.  Initial funding has made most prudent planners skeptical as to whether the banks (the ones who perpetrated the crisis) will  judge correctly how to use the funds for the good of all of us, or probablly just go on playing the same their own behinds. One obvious warning is the admonition from GWB that they need to 'loan the money" and not hoard it.  Bankers don't give a rat's  a-s about customers...only what their shareholders think and do. They have no motivation to change their game, and we have rewarded them for their incompetence. Their excuses are lame.

If you are a big banker, or insurance company the rules are different than those for you and me.  This 'bailout money" had better be a loan and not an outright gift to them.  Foisting this debt off on the American Public is an outrage, and  probably justifies throwing out the vultures at the top of the predatory feeders. Why would anyone want to appoint executives from Goldman Sachs, and other financial institutions in charge of the hen house  to these positions again?

The manner in which this is being addressed should alert anyone with common sense that this is what will happen to health care financing as well.

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