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Health Train at San Francisco

By now those of you who read my blog regularly realize that I did not go on a media fast.  It didn't seem quite right in the middle of the Health 2.0 ver 3.0 in San Francisco. If Matt, Sarah, Michael are working, who am I  to be a slack? So I am monitoring Health 2.0 from afar.image

I received an email from Wellsphere asking if they could link to my blog here at Health Train Express.  The "train" is getting new routes.

I must admit as I have extracted myself from all the 'wonderful' things of patient care, image

the only thing I miss is the personal  interactions between myself and patients.  I always aimed for the best outcomes, and was disappointed and somehow always felt guilty when the outcome of an eye surgery was not what I assumed to be perfect. I always had to go back and review what I might have done wrong, and discussed it with colleagues. I tried to keep my 'ego' out of the equation.

I am now a 'voyeur' enjoying academic discussions, patient care, and via several listservs, Sermo, iMedexchange focused on deep thought and practical questions with not only ophthalmologists from Brazil, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, Iceland and beyond. 

image Nancy Turett in her blog shares her excitement about Health 2.0 and I can see why. These gatherings are educational but also are the physical manifestation of 'blogging'. It is the real world of virtual social blogging.  Friendships are made, and lost in a virtual world...a good deal like having a pen pal who sometimes answers your letter.  Putting a face and a voice on the blog seals the deal.

image At Health 2.0  Gary Karr lists  Seven Great Health Care Policy  Blogs.

I expect to see some  updates on your flights back home.


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